AC o-ring sizes


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Some years ago I recharged my AC system on my 89 SC and it worked for 2 days. We checked the system with an AC guy and it was leaking from the quick disconnect lines going to the condenser.

Now I would like to get my AC working again and I want to replace the o rings. The question is, what size are the o rings and how many i need? Are there more o rings that I should replace other than the 2 quick disconnect lines?
Will you not be taking it to a shop that has A/C equipment to evacuate & recharge the system after you've
had it open? They should have a assortment of o rings there, just let them do the whole job.
Yes it's a kit that fits many different vehicles. As you disassemble the system and remove the seals just match up the old with the new from the assortment.