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Hey guys,

I have been searching for the following product in the pictures below. I have been in touch with the Owner of Magnum Powers. If I can get 10 people committed to buying the part, he will make another run of the part. Let me know and well see what we can do.


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What are the benefits of this part over other similar parts? Im curious, because my car is bone stock and im considering reasonably-priced upgrades.
What are the benefits of this part over other similar parts?.

There are simple dust shields that get held on by the filter clamp, that shroud 2/3 of the filter, but they don't do nearly as complete of a job as a box like this, I think.

This set up is a way to contain the air flow to the air filter when running a CAI (cold air intake) so you don't risk pulling hotter air from the engine/fan, etc. Similar to what the stock air box does now.

You'd need to also purchase a filter, say cone style as shown in the photo, that would mate onto your MAF, and/or a metal tube that goes from the MAF to the throttle body and find some way to support the MAF if needed - this one looks like it takes care of that. This box is a must, I think, if you're already running a CAI. Pretty sure our SC vendors sell CAI kits.

I have an air box similar to this one, pre-made for our cars...includes a panel to isolate the coolant recovery tank so heat from it is reduced as well. I added rubber door gasket to the upper edges to seal against the underside of the hood. Some owners with mad fab skills make their own air box.

Benefits of CAI are better airflow into the engine, along with the opportunity to mod the MAF while snazzing up the engine bay, and, you get to hear the supercharge whine a bit more ;)
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Looks like were up to 7 interested buyers. Jamie, have you kept Magnum Powers up to date on this? If so, How do you want to proceed?
Any word on these? I'm almost to the point that I need it. If we don't order soon then I'm probably out. I can just make one but if I can get one this way then it's going to be nicer than what I can make.
This looks like the list of folks that want one of these. My count is 9 parts, 10 if XB-70 wants 2 of em. I'll assume that unless we hear from jpmst22, he isn't doing anything with this. I have been wanting one of these for quite some time, and since I bought the cold air intake w/o the divider, I'm left looking for one now, and this looks like the best shot at us getting one of these. I will contact Charles at MP Products and see what he would like to do here.

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2. tchicken
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Good for 2


Looks like it's 10. I am in for 2 of them if available. Just contact and let us know next move.