Anniversary Edition SC for sale in Maine.


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I have my tbird for sale. Just cannot sit and watch it age anymore. Needs motor. Transmission has shift kit installed. All original car except for the motor that was installed at a Ford dealer in Jacksonville, Florida after the thermostat failed. (And again, that's why it needs another motor....stupid thermostat failure.) Has sat since around 1997. Everything electronic works, as I test it every so often with a battery. Clearcoat has come off most of the car. Rust free entirely. Car has just over 100k mi. Front seat lower gray suede inserts could use replacing due to wear. Back seat is mint. Needs new trunk carpet. Factory stereo head unit has been removed. I have a Clarion head unit and CD changer for it. Factory subwoofer has been removed because it blew, but i have it stored away.
Car can be driven again with a new motor and some tlc. I just cannot afford to get this done as it is expensive where i live and the body shops suck around here. I would never trust just anyone to work on this. I bought this when I was in the Navy in Jacksonville, Florida in 1994 when I was 19yrs old woth 41k mi on it, in mint condition and had it since. I swore I'd never sell it like all the older people sold their collectors cars years ago and regretted it.
I'm getting older and dont have the resources to fix her.


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Price and pics would help.
Make an offer. Ill try to get some pics soon. I have it at my parents place and dont get over there often. Will more than likely need 4 tires also. I may be able to find some used ones for it though just to get by.


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I am in ma, but still a drive. was it sitting outside since 1997? What are the options? Manual trans? Spoilers drilled? Sunroof?


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I'd assume its auto, since he said shift kit installed( unless he talking about updated syncro's or something in 5 spd?)