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In late October I listed my 89SC for sale. Anthony Poole was one of the first to respond with a message " We want that car" (10/27/04) and he stated that he would send partial funds by 11/03. No money has ever been sent. He stated in later e-mails that he would send total payment by November 12th. He now is ignoring any E-mails. I tied to sell the car to some of the other interested parties but as you can guess they have made other purchases. I am going to relist my car today. I have all of Anthony Poole's e-mails if you would like them forwarded.

Anthony Poole is not a good person to deal with.

Karl Ayer


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I explained what happened-you try having health problems that end up costing you $32,000 in medical bills-and that's the 20% I owe. :eek: