Any Good Mechanics around Baltimore MD?

cool dude

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Does anybody know of any good mechanics who know the SC very well and have a shop or work at a shop around the Baltimore, MD area? Thanks.

Also, how to I go about changing my user name?


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Chris Vinning, aka Blown38, lives in Dumfries, Va. which is about 1.5 hrs. away from Baltimore. He's very knowledgeable and could possibly be a source of help.


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I swapped this car from the NA v6 to a 4.2 SC. I just don't have the time anymore for anything but my own junk.

cool dude

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That's understandable bro. Just tough finding someone in these parts. Mostly import and mustang guys. As soon as I tell a shop that it's a 95 SC motor but yet a 96 car, they get scared away by the whole OBD1 motor going in OBD2 car and computer being reprogrammed, etc. It's not there fault, just such strict policies within companies these days. I don't think I will tell any major shop it's a 95 SC motor anymore unless I need parts specifically for a 95 SC motor.

Worse case scenario, I'd have to take it to an SCT Performance Shop to get any bugs worked out.


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Hey, I'm in Baltimore too. As far as a user name change - it's a no go. Says you've only got 16 posts though, so just make a new account.