Anybody here near Pensacola, FL. ?


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Hello everybody my name is Angelo, i have been a paid member of this site for almost 2 years now but hardly ever post due to working out of town most of the time.
I was wondering if any fellow members were close to Pensacola, FL. ?

I own 3 of them at the moment, pic's to follow:

1. 1995 SC, pearl white w/mocha leather auto trans fully loaded with every option except cell phone. :)

2. 1994 SC, black w/opal grey leather 5 speed trans also pretty loaded with options. :D

My third headache er i mean car is a 1990 SC triple black with a auto trans.

I hope to meet some fellow members in person.

Great site here with a wealth of knowledge. :)


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Welcome to the Florida group. We are a small ever shrinking group of die hard SC enthusiasts here in the sunshine state. I don't know of anyone who regularly posts here from that corner of the state.



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Holy crap! Other people in Florida have SC's? Even another one in PENSACOLA?? Dude hit me up we should go riding one day.. that is as soon as I get my crank dampener drilled out and replaced.. :p