Anyone ever put an SC engine in a 60's Mustang?


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I know this is a bit odd to ask. I have my 95 SC and the rockers are very rotted. I am contemplating just pulling the engine and transmission, along with other good parts and finding a 65-70 Mustang roller to swap the drivetrain into. I know I would need the main engine harness and EEC, but other than that, does this sound like a doable project? I think that the hardest thing to fab up would be the engine mounts, maybe... When I was younger, I swapped in the EFI from a 5.0 into my first car, a 65 Mustang Coupe. I loved it! Even the fuel system was a snap to put together (I use a low-pressure, high volume external pump at the tank to feed an external high pressure Mustang SVO fuel pump down-stream, worked great).

Any thoughts on this? I mean, I really hate to scrap the Tbird, but if the problem with the rockers is too bad, I have no choice..


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Ontario member Pete Roy did this in his early 70s Mustang vert many years ago. Would be a bit easier on that vs. a 60s Mustang I'd think though since the 71-73 had a bigger engine bay than the earlier cars.


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I have thought a bit about spacious as the enginer bays were back then, plus have the same bell-housing pattern as the 5.0L / 302, it doesn't seem like it would be hard at all.