Aod transmission help


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Yes I have a 1989 ford thunderbird super coupe mostly stock besides few bolt my transmission is the problem it ran fine got on it really hard one day park it for a few days and know there is a grading noise coming from the back of my car and it's really sluggish anything under 45 mph but over 45 it's runs all the to 130 no problem but coming to a stop to is wired it feels like my convter is staying in lock up
You just joined this site a hour ago?
Noise from rear? Are you sure not the diff Instead of trans?
If making a such a loud noise, why are you driving it & doing more damage?
If your taking it to 130? & something locks up in the driveline(trans or diff)-YOUR SCREWED!!

So many possibilities of what your issue could be I'd be taking to a professional
Especially if you routienly drive it over 100. Good luck
Yes this car is just a toy for me I have 5 other vehicles don't get me wrong I love the car but it was the transmission I completely lost all gears but now I have excuse to put a mk502 in it