Are there special models of Thunderbird or Cougar that used the Super Charged 3.8?


former sccoa webmaster
In 1990 the SC was offered in a 35th anniversary edition. This special edition
vehicle was painted black with titanium lower body cladding and a blue stripe
that wrapped around the sides and rear of the car. The wheels were standard
SC wheels with a black powder coated finish and polished silver outside lip.
The bird in the wheel center cap was also silver. Each fender received unique
“35th Anniversary” badges as well. The interior featured black and silver
leather seating surfaces with blue piping. The silver leather was actually a
suede material that was quite different from leather usually found on car seats.
The 35th edition was mechanically identical to all other ’90 Super Coupes and
did not have any engine, transmission or suspension enhancements. This model
was available with both automatic and manual transmissions. There is much
more detailed information regarding the ’90 Anniversary models in several of
the back issues of the <a href = "">Chargin’ Thunder</a> newsletters. They are worth
purchasing if you want more information.