Are there still people here, with more that one SC, or 89/90 XR7?


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I have focused my attention completely on the 1989 5 speed SC, since late in 2022. I pretty much daily drive it. Well, my poor 1990 auto, that I bought in 1995, has been just sitting outside, not licensed since June, of 2020. It's rust free, and the leather interior is still good. I stole the radiator, speedometer, and alpine radio, for the 89. I felt so bad letting it sit, that I got it started, and ran it today. With no radiator, I only ran it a few minutes. Sounds great, and idled nice. Maybe I should make it my next winter project. What do you think?
These cars have always been my favorite since I was in my 20s. I had an 89 and a 90 XR7 20 years ago. Recently got my son into them and he has a 92 SC. I picked up a 90SC a month and a half ago and have spent more time in that car than any other I own. There was an auto red XR7 that just sold on here recently and I had to tie my own hands behind my back not to buy it. I have 6 cars besides all my trailers, the lady would have probably left me. Get that 90 running and enjoy it. Don't let her waste away.

Currently driveway situation:

2005 Excursion
2003 Acura CL-S (Manual)
1993 3000GT (Manual)
2010 Audi S5 (V8 Manual)
2016 Chevy Silverado
1990 Supercoupe
2005 Harley Vrod

Numerous trailers, camper, few boats. Everything runs and is inspected/registered. It's a little much but we love what we love right?
Good thing I don't have an large landing strip on my property...
To make my 1990 usable, and reliable, I have a list of maintenance, and repairs needed. Except for general oil, and coolant changes, etc. I have never had to do anything to the engine. The car has 172K miles, and the plugs were last changed at 60K in 1993, before I bought it. Even the plug wires are original. The engine mounts are shot, the supercharger leaks out the snout, and the timing, and valve covers leak. I don't trust the head gaskets, but they have not failed yet. I would probably pull the engine, and at least reseal it, including head gaskets. The shocks were replaced with Motorcraft, back in 1994, and they work ok, but for how long? The brakes need an accumulator. The body, and paint is still good, except on the hood, that had a failed repaint. Oh, and it needs tires, also.
89 SC 5 speed 74,000mi mostly stock
90 SC 5 speed 82,000mi lots of mods
90 SC Auto 84,000mi lots of mods
97 Audi A8 4.2 93,000mi
97 f 150 5.4 built Procharged, beltech Wilwood, all the goodies 295,000mi
11 F 150 3.5 Ecoboost loaded with aftermarket stuff 200,000mi
89 Dakota 4X4 I'm half way thru a complete rebuild at 253,000mi
I have decided to cut back the inventory, as much as I like variety, like MercXR7, I hear ya the cost and time in maintaining insuring etc is getting to be too much so some have to go.
I'll sell the SC's and the Dakota will go too if anyone's interested.
Still have my 3 SCs I've had for a long time...30 years of ownership for the 92. I picked up a low-mile 89 XR7 off bringatrailer about two years ago. I think I will start combining the other two 89 XR7s to make one driver for my youngest's 1st car.
Carrying the SC pathogen since first '90 was special ordered and delivered 34 years ago. Now added a '96 Mark VIII LSC to the flock. Not sure when the sale of the SCs will start sometime this decade? They all run great moded and only the 35th Anny is stock.
Oh boy….
Current situation
90 Anniversary inneed of a lot of TLC
90 Blue SC, Interior, stereo and AC completely redone. Currently on the lift waiting for the new engine and transmission seating next to it to be dropped in.
92 silver SC with rebuild engine but it needs a fuel pump.
92 black SC needs a engine rebuild and major TLC. Should really be a part car.
93 White SC with brand new engine. Needs a paint job. Week end driver.
95 Pearl white SC needs a new rack and pinion.
All automatic transmission, I’m thinking about a 5 speed transmission car lately.
In addition, 2019 lexus ES 350, 2017 Ford explorer and 2017 Corvette Grand Sport convertible.
Daily driver is a 2004 trailblazer with 200k still going strong.
I need more room though …..


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