Ask me for any parts you're looking for you 89 - 93 SC


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I had no idea of how much stuff I've accumulated after parting out over 40 SCs and cruising the pull-a-part lots....

Let me know what you're looking for and I'll see if I have it....

Email me at:

Parts are located in Charlotte, NC


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Parts for 89 super coupe

Would you happen to have a good stock set of floor mats that come from one with the red interior?


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Id be interested in the black side trim that runs down the side of the doors and body on 1989-1993 SuperCoupes. I believe I have the small fender trim pieces but may be interested in buying those if you have nicer ones than mine.


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Do you got these parts

1. Instrument cluster or Speedometer in KM.

2. daytime running light module.

3. Horn and hood emblem.


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I am looking for 1992 SC parts

some good hood struts
Air box and inlet tube
Mortorized antenna
Non cracked taillights

even though I really don’t want to paint it right now, also a

Rear bumper that doesn’t have broken fins

PM with details