Az Roll Call Again.

I know I am a little late in reading this post but thought I would chime in also.

I live in North West Phoenix and do a daily drive from 76 AV to 90th st exit on the 101 twice daily. (92 black SC with 240,000 miles and still going strong and about to have to do another trans rebuild)

Feel like I have done everything on the SC except HGs. So also have the SCer scars from fixing stuff......
I'm here in Mesa, near Alma School and Broadway. Red 92 SC 5 spd. I love this car!!!!!!!!
glad to see more and more people posting to the sit. I hope we can all get together sometime and finally meet.
Have I mentioned my car is still in the shop? ;-) Oi! 2 more months :-( Anyone wanna buy my Ranger or Motorcycle? Just thought I'd ask ;-) Rich you haven't moved to Cali yet? I think I'm going to follow you there in about a year...
Out here in Mesa Power & McDowell Divorced and loving it. Now I can have as many sc’s as I want just bought # 6 for my 15 year old. I think I mite have created a monster. Does anybody ever go out to the pavilions in Scottsdale?


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roll call,101, pavillions

92 black SC (female driver, watch out) at 107th ave & deer valley. soon to be relocated to mesa. new member as of the phoenix meat in november. drive the 101 every day. and would love to meet up with people for the pavillions some saturday. Garmo, be in touch.
Wow had no idea that there were so many down in the Mesa area, awsome. I'm on the 101 everyday on my way to and from work. I am only on it from Southern to the 202 then eastbound. You won't really see me for long thought (zoom bye bye) but you can't mistake the car. 92 black thunderbird. I'll be at the Pavillians this weekend around 6 to 7, maybe see someone there.
Wow I didn't realize there was so many folks who owned SC's in AZ. I live in Surprise and am not sure where the pavillion is? Can someone give me directions?

K Bond
To get to the Pavillions take the 101 loop (East side of town) to the Indian Bend exit and go West, the Pavilians are about 1/4 of a mile down on your right hand (North) side ... there are a McDonalds, Best Buy, Home Depot, a big movie theatre... and a bunch of cars.
Hey YowzaSC.....

Remember you got my # I ain't got your #. (How did that happen?) Give me a ring. Can't make this weekend on account of the company Christmas party but let me know the next time your going and we'll hook........
35th Anniversary Bird here....I'm the original owner, and it was once exclusively the family wheels, but that role is now served by an Acura TL (the Bird is still my toy, though!). It has 111,000 miles, is totally stock, just maintained (as in new tranny, many new batteries, fuel pump, power steering pump, front seat suede insert replacement, etc.)

I'm in Tucson, Ventana Canyon area in the northeast. I think this may be the only running Anniversary Bird in town...used to be at least one other one, but I've not laid eyes on it in over a year...

Don Pelley
4061 N. Via Bronzino
Tucson, AZ 85750
Phones: 520-529-1200, 1201
Fax: 520-529-1202
Another Tusconian... W00T!

Sweet! another Sc owner in Tucson! we should meet up sometime! right now im in Kingman until college starts up again, but we should hook up sometime , maybe a trip to the strip at the pima fairgrounds?

So long as you don't mind I'm maybe older than your dad, Andrew! You probably won't see another Anniversary Bird in Tucson, so look for it!



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Sweet 35th!

That's a nice looking 35th!

so far iv'e only seen one other sc/xr7 in Tucson EVER. it's a White 91/92 auto that i always saw driving to the University, but never got a chance to talk to the owner..


P.S. I'll have to post some pics of the XR7
Love to see the XR-7! There aren't a ton of those around, either. I don't think I've seen that white SC, but there used to be another Anniversary Bird in disappeared a year or so ago. Hey, you need seat covers?

I went to Jamis (south side of Speedway, just east of Swan) to have the suede inserts in my car replaced. Couldn't get the same pig suede, nor did I want to. I suggested (and he concurred) that ultra-suede would be a good idea. Wears well, and it's washable. He did a terrific job, even duplicating the stitching. Can't do the perfs, of course, since ultra-suede is really cloth, but even with just the front seats done, it looks identical. The limo tint windows in back help, of course.

Sounds great? It is... One problem. For the two seats, the bill was $942.50. In February, 1999...


Cool, I'll have go there and check them out. when i first got the car, i went to a few of the upholstry shops in Kingman to get some quotes. They wanted $1000 do redo the seats in leather and $600 to redo them in vynyl. since then I've had to take care of other things, so im probably gonna get some seat covers from a friend of mine has a set in his SHO and i think that theyre worth all $300 that he paid for them.

Well anyways, here's some pic's of the Cougar. Sorry that they're not that great, it's been cloudy all week here and i need to clean my camera lens......



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