Az Roll Call Again.


I just agreed to terms on a 89SC and waiting on the title from Colorado. I'm in Phoenix and lookin' for some other SC owners to help me out with garages who have SC-smart mechanics and if there's any get-togethers like at the Pavillions.
AZ roll call


Don Pelley, Tucson. I have a 1990 SC Anniversary car. Original, except for replacement stuff to keep it looking great and running.

4061 N. Via Bronzino
Tucson, AZ 85750
just go t here

craig east phoenix the only one left in phoenix have a 35 th annv. parting a 92 ?
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Hello everybody.
I just brought a 90 SC that need the engine rebuilt and a paint job. So I guess I will be busy. I live in tucson.
Coming soon to the phoenix area!! Sept. 1st 1990 SC 5 Speed Black on Black. Would not mind meeting up with some SCers. Hit me up.
When temp drops, SC's REALLY ROCK!

Greetings fellow SC lovers of AZ,
Still in the process of making my "Best of Years SC" with parts from my '95 going in my '90 5-speed. Greenleaf has been a huge help w/most of the common items. Looking forward 2 a gathering here soon. -Coop


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nu B

I'm in Tucson AZ and would like to be in the loop on things that go on with other people that also have a thunderbird SC. I have a 94 and I'm trying to convince my old lady that it's a great car and that we need to keep it. The owner before me put over 3 thousand in GO fast and suspension parts. Now I want to make it look good.
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I haven't seen anything as fare as I can see in Arizona. The posts that are up are form years ago. And yes there all pretty much from the phoenix area.
I am in Arizona half the time and Utah the other half. I don't see as many TBirds around as I used to. I think most are in Tucson. I just bought a 90 SC but it will be stored in Utah this winter then next spring I will give it some TLC and get it road worthy.
one more sc in phoenix

count me in as one more SC in phoenix. silver with a grywlf license tag. looking for a tuner/dyno guy.