B&M Shifter, If you want one let me know.


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Working with B&M to see if they will do another run for us. They need to know the number to do a run. The order has to be 100. If you want one let me know.

Price? $150 shipped within the 48 states. Outside the US you need to speak with me and I will check shipping.

We need a head count before anything serious can happen. Speak up now or forever hold your peace or piece I guess. :D

1. SCchick3
2. skydivr7673
3. schwable
4. schwable
5. StilwellSC
6. sdw
7. Plat0ribs
8. Plat0ribs
9. fordmanforever
11. jabaldaz
12. Sxar
13. hawgy
14. 89ohmy
15. jamesdubbeld
16. jamesdubbeld
17. Taz'sPGT
18. ThomasA
19. Ddubb
20. gangaskan
21. glennm
22. Rob
23. Rob
24. sccrewzr
25-35. decipha
36. Black90SC
37. 89 Roots
38. coggonobrien

Yes, we have a ways to go, but we can get there. Call your friends and your friends friends.............
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I would like to get one, but I have many things to do before I can commit to one. I think what you are trying to do is great, I just wish more people wanted to get one.
Really, a MUST HAVE item? Now don't get me wrong, I think they are great, but calling them a MUST HAVE seems over the top.

If you want this for racing, then I get it. But if you have a street car & a sloppy shift, just do the rebuild for it. You can get parts from Ford, it makes a world of difference.

Like I said, I do want one for one of my SC's. I just have other things ahead of it right now.

So, have you had anyone commit to your list?
Bill still has them listed on his site SuperCoupe Performance for $229.99. Did you check with him to see availability?
Bill still has them listed on his site SuperCoupe Performance for $229.99. Did you check with him to see availability?

Nope. From my understanding 2 is what were left available. Again, this is a feeler to see if we can get an order of 20. Price is not set yet, but it will be less than 229.99 or I wont be making the order. I am not a retailer having a mark up.
All I can say for sure is I have been involved in a couple group purchases with Todd.

He isolates a need, secures a supplier and offers it out as a service to the club members.

I'm a big fan of the B&M Shifter and although it may not be a "must have" in some minds, when amortized out it probably works out to less than a penny a push and pull... and you will notice the difference regardless of your driving style.


Or you can go for one of the carpel what you ma call its for you wrist and bang your hand off the dash and emergency brake.:eek:
Dont have the cash for one right now but it will be a definite must for me when I can...let me know when you make the order and I will try to work something out with you. Thanks :)

I can get an order done, but it will take 100 to be run. The price would be about $150 per shifter shipped to you.

We need a lot more names than the 4 we currently have. If you want this done speak up.

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