Back at it!


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I havnt had alot of time to do much to the car for a while now after the new 4.2 and cooling system upgrades. I think I finally have it all working as it should but it's fought me from start to finish. The car now has a 97 style radiator setup with an expansion tank I also added a mark 8 fan and Hollister road co. progressive fan controller. Burping the system and getting the coolant levels right, as well as making everything work well together have been a challenge but it's close. Now if it ever stops raining daily I'm going to drive it as much as possible.
Here's aink to a walk-around!



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No David life isn't allowing me to do those kind of things these days lol. I still have a random dying issue to take care of as well but hopefully the changes I've made fixed it. I changed the ignition switch and made some changes to my DIS setup.


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it was more likely the chrome on the bracket that it's mounted too. I removed the chrome from the surface but after more diagnosis the car was actually losing power entirely when it dies.


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it was more likely the chrome on the bracket that it's mounted too.

A temporary ground would have helped decide if the insitu ground path was an issue. That and ohm'ng the DIS to ground...
- Key off
- Measure resistance between (-) Negative Battery connection and Pin 7 on the DIS.
- If the resistance is less than 5 ohms, you're good.
- Double check by repeating the same test on each of the rearmost DIS bolts.