BE Calculated Horsepower and Stuff


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I kinda feel like a newbie even bringing this up, but has anyone else paid attention to the BE calculated HP logs? I’ve kinda kept an eye on them over the years and noticed that they probably aren’t that far off based on my 1/4mi times and now off my recent dyno run. The log I took during the dyno pull that resulted in 387rwhp (per the dyno) gave me 444HP through BE….which is 13% difference….right about what we estimate the drivetrain loss should be for a 5-speed. :eek:
Using online HP calculators in the past (based on 1/4mi times, vehicle weight) and my gut-feel also would be within 10HP of BE’s numbers.
Just interesting is all….I’m not suggesting using it as a measuring stick as I’m sure it will vary from car to car.

Also, BE’s MPG calcs seem like they are more direct (fewer variables to process) and I definitely believe they are close, although I’ve not verified. According to BE, I averaged 22mpg on the highway from Louisville, KY to English, IN in my black car a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve been pondering incorporating a permanently-mount display for QH/BE outputs….the Mark VIII dash like Jeff Bratton, David Clark and Danielle have would make a real nice place to put a small screen. :D Probably will never do it, plus I’ve already figured out how to get the Mark VIII dash to do MPG on the SC…..but having a BE display on your dash full-time or at least part-time would be pretty cool, I think. :cool: Obviously, it would be a whittled-down version….no need for everything on there. Maybe even replacing all the factory analog gauges with an LCD/LED screen using BE…..


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I want to do a screen one day too. There are some directions for this over on

The 96 supercoupe is nice cause I can watch data in the Torque phone app.


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Screens are sooo 2008...

Avoid deciding how/where to meld a screen into your dash - HUDs are the way to go these days. All you have to do is find out how to pipe the BE to your phone.


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I kinda feel like a newbie even bringing this up, but has anyone else paid attention to the BE calculated HP logs?

I believe it uses the BFSC from the user preferences to calculate the HP. Im not sure that any of us know what that number really is for a given set up unless you put it on a dyno...