Best year for the SC

What do you think is the best year for the SC?

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95, duh... lol. rarer... sexier... better designed interior... faster...

(just dont fudge up your cluster or center console... 'specially 5-speed consoles... those buggers are EXPENSIVE to replace...) :D


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I have noticed the the 94-94 front bumper has the most aggresive stance out of all the thunderbirds. It could be just me. :confused:


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I voted 89...

Cause I have one and because Davey Allison drove one in 1989 through 1993

He is the "Man in Black" for our Thunderbirds.....

RIP Davey


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I have a 91 and a 95, and for me the 95 wins hands down. I like the styling of the front end, and the interior layout alot better.;)


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all years have their good points, but i'd have to pick the 93's for style. last year for tweed/vinyl seats, cleanest of the early interiors, the rounder led tails, newer wheels, and the original styling.


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Had a '90 it was loaded with an auto. Now I got a '93, not so loaded, Had a 5spd now has a 6! Black on black leather full power! NICE!



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A fellow member came by my house the other day in his 91. For me it's not just the bumper but the interior of the early models seem really out dated.:eek:



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Not really, the difference in our cars was a couple years. My point being that the 94/95 interior is much nicer and not nearly as out dated as a 93!:eek:

When I am in my 95, I don't feel like I am in a out dated car. But it is personal preference here isn't it. Thats why the poll is cool because we all have different tastes and wants and w/ the SC we can have basically the same car but mod them to our taste!



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i would go for 89 to 93...i got 90...i would go for those years cuz they really represent the THUNDERBIRD SC outside inside...real deal...94/95 got a bit newer and that classic look was gone....i m not saying 89-93 are outdated i m saying thats how it should be in SCs....
i like the 89 the best.
The better handling, more interior room,oh and the inside dosn't look like a 96 to 98 pustang. The best cause motor trend car of the year


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i voted for the 95. i have a 89 and like more the 89 styling but would prefer a 95 performance:cool: and when you have a 95 you dont have to search everywhere for a 95 tank!:eek:


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I'm going with the 89-93 body with 94-95 running gear. Either interior will do, but just not the 94-95 front bumper cover.