borrow good DIS?


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Does anyone have a known good DIS they can loan me? I have three DIS modules and none of them will start my 1991 SC. If anyone in the N Bay Area has a known good one to loan me, I would sure appreciate it.

Thank you.



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Thanks KMT

I have three DIS's. One new $60 for the up to 1990, and one new $200 1991-92. I am getting 212 and 214 on one of them and just 214 on the other. I have new cam and crank sensors. I thought it was the wiring, but it was a bad connection on a lead to the ohm meter!!! I have the wiring apart now but all tests ok and can find no corrosion.



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I have the wiring apart now but all tests ok and can find no corrosion.

Last time I had those codes it was harness.

Use caution busting them open - Ford went to a lot of trouble to include shielding to reduce EMI and phantom signals, etc. Might cause more damage if not careful. My original was hacked/damaged and oil soaked - suspect someone opened it up for troubleshooting that ended up being cam sensor and grounds. I fished good condition used ones off donor cars and spent 10 hrs each in cleanup, replacing broken connectors and rewrapping with similar cloth tape the factory used...then I sprayed them w/clear epoxy paint to seal/protect. I still have a refurb'd '91 front harness for sale -

I'd offer to send a couple of used ones to check with, but no idea if they're any good...

Have you gone thru this no-start troubleshooting flowchart?