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******* ISSUE RESOLVED ********
Thanks for the closure Brandon, best of luck on your road ahead.:)

Email Address:
User Name: suprchargeit
Vendor/Individual: Individual


Ocala, Florida

See the following thread for the actual offering:

After a number of phone conversations (always picked up prior to payment), Brandon agreed to a price and to deliver the parts to FedEx where I had made arrangements to ship the goods to me, I paypal'd the money $450.00, and have yet to receive the parts.

Recently he did pick up the phone and explained some hardships, I allowed as how I understood and agreed to wait till he could get it together. Now we're back to not answering the phone, not returning my calls, and still no parts.

I'm really frustrated by this as I believed this was an honorable guy but I guess he's just doesn't care about honoring his word, very disappointing.

Suffice it to say if you have dealings Brandon aka:suprchargeit excersise caution.

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Brandon was on the boards last Wednesday, 1/5/2011.

He has had many opportunities to communicate his intentions regarding concluding the transaction and continues to choose not to.

I suspect my money is long gone, I hope the parts are still available. If they were sold to another this is unforgivable and I urge everybody to stand behind me in their refusal to allow this behavior on our forum.

All this person has to do is call me and then follow through on our deal. :mad:

Until this is resolved I ask for a boycot against Brandon buying/selling/working on any Super Coupe. I think you would expect the same were it you who got ripped off.


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Received a call from Brandon yesterday afternoon. He was headed to the FedEx drop off with the agreed parts packed for shipment. I quickly re-established the quote with FedEx so when he dropped of the package they had it all ready to go.

If you're lucky enough to have a company with an account in good standing with FedEx you can probably negotiate 60% off their standard charge.

FYI I shipped an entire 5-speed swap setup (@200 pounds!) from Ocala Florida to Chicago for under $125! Not bad IMHO.

Thanks go out to Brandon for stepping up despite adversity and making right on our deal. As I stated I have absolutely no reservations about Brandon's knowledge of SC and given he honored his deal with me despite a lot of the pitfalls some young folks encounter while trying to live in todays society, he's alright with me!



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well i have a diff story

Brandon Elledge

Email Address:
User Name: Suprchargeit ?
Vendor/Individual: Individual

So i thought i should Post this

Bought a 255 fuel pump and wasnt right fit
Took forever on shipping
Dis did not work

Shipped me another one after long and arrived broken
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