Still around. Life is busy and the Bird has been sitting. Just yesterday I decided to get it out and run it only to find the windshield was cracked and needs replaced. Getting that done this afternoon. Drove it to work, but it seems to have a vac leak. Been working on getting the 68 Camaro finished up, so this project has been sitting with the frustration of not being able to find an issue it previously had. Now, to get a fresh tank of gas ran though it and plug in the BE and get to tuning. I don't remember a thing about the software, so this should be fun. Put the new 2020 tags over the 2016. Didn't realize it had been in the garage that long.

If anyone has a rubber boot SC tube meaning a stock tube that has been cut and will accept a boot instead of the collar nut let me know.

Kids, Dogs, House and Wife are ahead of these cars anymore, so just have fun when its available. Looks like it's been about 4 years. LOL

I noticed you were active on the FB page. Good to see you got back in the SC and took it for a spin! My office is in Ankeny for the time being, I'll have to stop by some time after work and check out your car projects.

Couldn't agree with you more; as much as I love the bird, it's always on the back burner. Sat for about 16yrs before it was resurrected!
Sorry to hear of your luck.. on the positive side, at least you know what to work on to get your credit in the place it needs to be in order to be able to make a move (or refinance where you are at and purchase down the road)! If you ever want to do the front- half of your exhaust, let me know. I have just what you need!

If I have my way, we aren't moving for quite some time. I hate moving, I hate packing, I hate anything associated with it. Next time I move, it'll have a 2+ car garage so I have a place for both 'Birds. But in the meantime, I can get some things taken care of and off my report.

I'd like to do the front half, but I'm not sure if I will. I'd love to make 300-325 at the wheels, but I don't see that happening for a while.. kids and whatnot :) In the mean time, I can make a good looking - and hopefully dependable - cruiser.