Carbon Fiber Blockers - what lube


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I recently rebuilt my M5R2 with the new carbon fiber blocker rings, a brand new 2nd gear and a good used 1-2 slider ring among other items. I used AC Delco synchromesh with the friction modifier included. I was surprised that the bottle listed it as 75W-80. Also surprised that it smelled just like gear lube - I don't recall the older GM synchromesh smelling like that.

I've put about 500 miles on the car since rebuild and haven't even tried a speed shift. Just drove like normal, letting it break in. A couple months ago I got in the car and literally drove 10 miles across town. Under normal shifting I got a grind on two occasions while going into 2nd gear. WTF?? I wasn't even remotely trying to speed was around 4500 rpm too.

I think this fluid isn't working out, but I have no clue what to try next. And I have little hope that I could actually shift this thing anywhere near my peak HP rpm which is 6600.

Do I try straight up ATF? Anyone got experience with these blockers? Hate to grind my stuff away while trying to figure out what fluid it wants.



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According to this article, regarding Tremec transmissions....

.... they say to use a non-detergent ATF Dexron 3. And they say specifically that if you have upgraded all carbon synchros, then you do not want to run heavier fluid and again recommend just running a quality name brand ATF DEX3 fluid. I don't know how to tell if something has detergents - so I'm just going with some Valvoline Dex/Merc 3. Can get a gallon jug for $25.


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I have to run regular dex 3 in my t56 with carbon fiber blocker rings. I put some shaefers synthetic dex 3 equivalent in it and it didn't like it at all ive had to change it twice.

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I would try the Dex III as 75w80 is really thick stuff. Hopefully it helps since you have new blocker rings you shouldn't be getting any grinding with a proper fluid. I can't remember what we put in mine but it shifted good, just notchy on the 1-2 which I disliked and has had me wanting to swap it for an AOD if I ever race the car again.