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Vendor/Individual: detroit302 on ebay store:

Vendor sells color brochures on ebay for $18. I purchased the following from this seller: 1990 FORD THUNDERBIRD SC ORIGINAL IMP BROCHURE 90 89. Here is a picture:


I placed an order on ebay. Several days later the vendor replyed that the item was shipping but did not provide a tracking number. A few weeks later he asked me to provide feedback. I said I can not provide feedback until I get the part. Finally he responded by spitting out a tracking number for a package I never saw. I asked for the product and he offered me another copy at a discount but did not tell me how to pay. I ask how to pay and that he should invoice me. He did not reply. I pressed him for an answer and he called me a scammer and told me that paypal will judge on his side and I will get nothing. Besides he is a power seller with a boat load of karma and he is untouchable.

I searched his feedback and he has done this several times. He is bad news and will take you money in a heart beat. After taking your money he will aggressively attack you calling you a thief, scammer and threaten to put you on some powerseller list. Save yourself the money and do not buy from this nut case.

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