Carlisle 2016 Saturday night dinner

J dot Miller

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Yeh, I told them we've been coming for at least five years now. Girl said she couldn't make the call had to deal with the GM. So. . . Hate to move, but I think it's time for a change. I didn't realize Don had started the Olive Garden tradition, always though it was you.

Don started it in 2003. I took over 2006. One year Don returned. Always delt with the manager. They never took reservations. Required a head count in advance and someone to be there early.

Count me in the new place +1.

J dot Miller

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We have new champions!

The King of Hot Wings Chris2 or is it 1?

SCCoA Trophy Winners:
1. Ralph Grawl
2. Matthew Persaud
3. Chris 2
Runner up: Rob Floyd


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Its actually Chris Too, as to not take anything away from anyone in this PC world we live in.:D