changed plugs and wires...sputtering gone!


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took me a solid 4 hours to do this for my first time. actually the passenger side was harder. driver's side was easier but just took a bit longer because i had to have help getting hte damn socket on the plug. car pulls better. actually put my head back and made me hit my own headrest...put that BIG grin right back on my face. and reminded me why i love my bird. hehe. exhaust sounds smoother too under WOT. it kinda popped before. now it sounds like a SAVAGE BEAST! thanks for the help guys in finding out my problem. i hope one day i will be able to help people too. now when i go to the track again i won't run a 16.3 becasue i can't get higher than 3psi without HORRIBLE cutting out. now i get to go show my friends what blown birds with v-6's are all about. thanks and later. BTW used magnacore wires and autolites gapped to .052. steve.