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FINALY after 98 days of waiting and excuses I received my magnum powers 95mm tb. If anyone has it in there head to buy direct from Charles DONT! I will absolutely never buy anything from him again! If you want to buy any of magnum powers products buy something from bill since he actually has it in hand. When I initially emailed Charles said 'I have the castings done and will ship in a week' after a month I email him and got nothing but excuses! Another month rolls by more excuses.... everytime it was 'it will ship Friday' then he stopped responding to my emails. I explained that I needed this to finish my car I dont have any throttle body to use for mockup on my inlet plenum! Finaly I got aggravated and started emailing him every day earlier this month until he finally said he was finishing it that day and shipping it.. The only reason I didn't demand a refund, is you can't get a 95mm tb anywhere else! I'm glad its here dont get me wrong but there is absolutely no excuse for doing business like this! I went through the same thing on the mp inlet group buy a few years ago... not only that the quality is horrible on this thing the casting is complete crap! Anyone that says these are better quality than professional products needs to lay down the crack pipe. My 85mm mp tb had the tab for the return spring break off for no reason! When we tried to tig it back on we couldn't it was like trying to weld dirt! A complete piece of crap compared to other stuff on the market! Professional products need to offer a 85 and 95mm tb for our cars! Not only are they made better they look 10x better and have a slotted tps adjustment!... oh William Younce ordered his 95mm a couple weeks before mine and has not only had the same crap to deal with but hasn't received his yet!...... moral of the story dont buy directly from magnum powers and dont expect a quality product from them anymore.... oh I forgot about my mpx that cracked the whole length or the case....smh the quality of magnum powers castings is not there anymore compared to their older stuff
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I agree with Jacob.

May 19th I called Charles and agreed to send him my M90 to do the MPX upgrade and send me a new intake plenum, payment was made in advance. September 22nd I called to find out what was happening and get an eta. He thanked me for reminding him, he had forgotten and would get them done the next day and in the mail so I would have it the 25th, they were delivered Aug 1st .
I have my doubts also about the quality, the pitting in the intake casting and MPX itself do not give me a good feeling especially after the $1700.00 bill. Time will tell. So buyer beware everything Jacob mentioned I experienced also.