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I ordered parts from Charles and it took 5 months to get them when I was told it would be no more than a month

When I got the parts There where no instructions or any info provided on how to install them, I called Charles and he stated

"Its pretty straight forward"

I took the parts to the shop so they could put them on my car, the parts did not fit and I had to pay to have the parts fixed and reinstalled

(SC pulley was hitting the fins on the blower snout)

as of 07/21/07 I am out nearly $480 to fix the parts that didnt work from MP


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I will agree with Curtis.

What Charles finds 'pretty straight forward' is not always easy for novice wrenchers. His manuals and or documentation is poor at best with details being left out. Sorry you had to learn the hard way Curtis. :eek:


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As of 08/01/07

I am out well over $1,400. I cant get ahold of Charles, I call and e-mail and nothing is getting better.


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Update 08/16/07

Charles took care of the problem

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