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Comments: I recently sold a manual to Charlie, and it was an excellent transaction. The communication was great, and the payment prompt. I recommend Charlie to anyone who is either buying or selling.

Jerry Davis (txsc)
I recently sold some new "60" lb injectors to Charlie. Before shipping I did a search to find they were indeed 50's. (they were labled 60's..hmmm)

Anyway I told Charlie and he said that he'd take them anyway at the same price and that 50's were good enough for his needs. He mentioned pricing was negligable as they were close.

All I have to say is what an understanding guy!!!! I also refunded him some money anyway. If only we could all do buissness this way!!!
Charlie Bremigan

I sold my 1994 Supercoupe automatic with 22,000 miles to him back in 2006. I miss the car dearly, but it was the best transaction. He was very understanding when he saw that the sideview mirror had fallen off and cracked while I was washing the car the day that I picked him up from the airport. The cash transaction went very smoothly, and he drove off with a car that was in my family for 12 years. I still have a picture of him driving it away that I took with my cell phone. He even emailed me a couple months after buying it to show me the window tint, and showing his black 95 and his new white 94 side by side. I wish I still had that car :(