Charlotte, NC

Garys SC

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I need an update.....are there any knowledgeable mechanics in the Charlotte, NC that you would trust YOUR Super Coupe to???

I'm also looking for a body man, and/or painter who has that "personal touch"

Two years ago I purchased a 1992 SC in hopes of completely restoring it, and even adding some more performance for FUN..

Funny how life throws you curve balls. Last year a massive flood wrecked havoc on our entire home, I found out I had kidney failure, had a heart attack and detached my retina in my right eye. (This Thursday will be my 7th eye operation with only 10% vision left in that eye.) I also lost my favorite family pet and my dear sweet mother.

This year, I've decided to go forward with my restoration because I do not know what the future holds. Might as well enjoy my SC while I can.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless,

Gary Henry
Charlotte, NC