Cleaning O2 sensors


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Was just doing a little surfing on the net after seeing how much o2 sensors cost.....Found some neat chats..Forum based stuff though.....But seems like it works...These below stolen from a Bmer forum...

Copy and paste below...

After doing my research it seems that many of the other forums, from american cars to jap cars and even a audi/benz forums have found some solutions to clean the O2 sensors and MAF/HFMs. Everyone seems to use CRC brand "QD electronic cleaner" for both O2 sensors and airflow sensors. it is a special cleaner that has NO RESIDUE in it so when it dries it dries 100% clean with no oils or etc as if it were brand new. For the airflow sensors they sprayed it from a safe distance (as far away as possible) in order to be careful b/c of the sensitive electronics (you don't want to powerblast the sensor close range). The O2 sensor they sprayed the outsides and insides with the same cleaner and saw great results: better gas mileage, better running car, all check engine / warning lights went away.

I see alot of people on this forum replacing O2 sensors and HFM's which can get very expensive. After reading up on these issues on other forums i have read horror stories where people replaced hundreds of $ worth of parts and when they cleaned HFM and O2 sensor all their problems went away. One forum member said he has been using the same O2 sensor for over 6 years jus t simply cleaning it over and over again (as long as electrical components are still intact then it should continue to work).


Another technique

did u use the same QD electronic cleaner made by CRC? i also heard heating the sensor with one of those butane torches also helps quite a bit b/c it helps break up alot of the debris and etc but i don't exactly have one on hand.

One more

DO NOT put DQ electronic cleaner on the HFM, try the purest form of Isopropyl alcohol you can find (rubbing alcohol, 91% is best but i used 70%). the alcohol worked much better on the HFM than the electronic cleaner, it says residue free but for some reason i still smelled it after it dried where as alcohol you cannot so it seems to completely evaporate. now i need to replace 02 sensor. oh well it was worth a shot. alcohol may work better on o2 sensor as well. I know using butane torch to heat it up is another way to get extra life out of the o2 sensor b/c the heat breaks up alot of the crud that builds up inside