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Looking for...

Good MAF for a 1994 SC.

Spoiler? What types are available and pics?

1994 right (passenger) side trunk panel light w/ working LEDs

1994 cassette radio compatible with cd changer in trunk

1994 ford disc changer for trunk


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Also need a driver side window motor in working condition.

I have several motors that need rebuilt (which I can do for you) - let me know if you're interested.

As for the 94 compatible parts, I only have a handful of 94-95 parts, but if you can verify that the parts will interchange, I can help you out with the cassette player and MAF.

I think I have a complete set of taillights, but will not separate.


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Interested in the 89 white fenders, mostly drivers side. Are they in good shape? Any defects? How is the black molding?