Clunking noise coming from driver side front!!


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I have been having some weird clunking noise coming from the driver side front suspension. It happens when I go over a series of bumps or holes in the road (hey, around here it is unavoidable where I live). It seems to get worse when turning to the right and hitting bumps, say like railroad tracks. Sometime it will happen when going straight, but mostly when turning right.

The shocks are in good shape, doesn't pull and goes down the road well. I did a visual inspection and nothing appears to be obviously bad. The car only has less than 19,500 original miles on it, but, I realize that age alone can play its part.

Anyone have any ideas where I can start? I hate to just throw parts at it...

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So I spent years chasing this sort of issue in my wife's 97lx and found out it was the most ridiculous issue... Have you had your alignment done recently? I found out that most shops don't tighten the bolts tight enough after alignment is adjusted I'm not sure if it's called camber bolts or what but it's where the lower control arm attaches to the sub frame they have to be really tight so in our case what was happening was when turning sharp like into a parking spot on a hill (our driveway is very steep) it would pop and randomly every so often going over a bump it would pop I tightened down those bolts and it hasn't popped since


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I have not had a recent alignment, but I think it has had one within the past year or so maybe. I will have to check this out! Thank you!!


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Phil, also check the tightness of sub-frame to body(cowl)bolts. I've only ran in to it once
but you could feel it through your feet when turning & going over a uneven surface or a angle
at the same time.


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Oftentimes, the sway bar endlinks get play in the ball joints on each end. When you jack the car up, the struts will put the end links in a bind and make them feel tight...but at around ride height, the ball(s) will float around in the socket and rattle over bumps, tracks, etc.


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x2 on checking the sway bar end links. Haven't had this issue with an SC, but have found these to be a source of the clucking noise you describe on other vehicles