Cobra brake 11.65" rotor upgrade kit.

XR7 Dave

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Kits are in stock ready to ship. Purchase information remains the same:

I have had the brackets anodized and bolts zinc plated for corrosion protection. Complete kit is now $110 shipped in the lower 48. International or off-shore shipments additional. Payments accepted via Paypal at MDKRacing at Windstream dot net or you can mail payment to:

SuperCoupes Unlimited Inc.
6277 Scotland St.
Madison, OH 44057

For those who do not need rings (Mustang hubs) just deduct $10.
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XR7 Dave

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Can anyone provide a photo or illustration of the brake relocation kit properly installed? The included instructions help, but I'm a visual guy and a picture would help me.


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OK, I made all the modifications and installed the relocation brackets. There is interference between the parking brake cable end and the bracket mounting bolt. How much of the cable end can be removed without risking it detaching from the cable? In the pictures on Facebook it looks like about 1/3 of the end length was removed. Is there a practical limit?


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So he did, sorry I missed that part. I will be ordering a set of these in the near future, unfortunately now is not that time.


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Got a set of these from Dave this summer and I'll say, this is a beautiful kit...too bad it gets hidden from view! Top-notch quality too!

I ended up having the parking brake nub problem too. My car has calipers and e-brake cables from a Mark VIII on it...which are apparently a good bit different than the SC calipers. E-brake cable tensioner from a Mark VIII is a cool upgrade, btw...

I was able to get the nubs into the bracket okay, but the Allen bolt head pops the cable out of the bracket when you try to pull the e-brake! :eek: The Mark VIII calipers don't have a cast recess for the nub to sit in like the SC''ll a flat steel bracket instead, which is part of why it pops out easily.

So if you're doing a Mark VIII install, be careful that you read Dave's Facebook writeup and check your clearances and test your parking/ e-brake multiple times. It may go on without too much trouble, but it may still pop off!

I have not fixed mine yet, but I suspect that grinding down the bolt head some may fix it. I really don't want to have to touch the nub-end of the cable. :(


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Thanks Dave...the brackets arrived today..............Thanks...larger brakes all the way around for the 2017 season94BHF.jpg