Congratulations to ALL new SC owners!


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Thank u very much 4 the welcome! I reside in Parkville MD, an i jus bought my first SC for a grand total of $350 bones. it has sat for 2 years so its gonna b a project for a few weeks and i am still learning all the inns an outs of the car. my friends(honda boys mostly) are blown away that i picked up such a special car so CHEAP! Its the gold color 5-speed, body is 7 outta 10, and its only got 132k on the clock. ill def b using this site for assistance so thx in advance!!!! ne step by step plug change info? im havin a hell of a time!:confused:


Hey man, wehre is Parkville? Welcome to the board...definatelly check out for our local club. Any pix of your ride? I just actually got my gold 89 too. Ask away for any q's u may have.


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Back In the Game!!

Hey there..Just bought a 92 SC with 74,000 miles...Hope to Post Pic here SOON..Pretty good condition being that it's 16yr old..Forgot how fun they were to drive..look forward to long hours working on it and driving...Anyways just wanted to Say
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Long time admirer first time buyer

Hi my name is Chris. I'm from Sprinfgield,MO. I have owned about 14 fox body Mustangs but this my first Supercoupe. (92 Supercoupe, Red with black leather interior, Auto) While I have no intentions of getting rid of my 86 5.0. There is a complete difference 5.0 power and supercarged 3.8 power. I plan to have them both at the track this summer. Aiming for low 13's in the Mustang and low 14's in the SC. Great website!!!


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Just got my first SuperCoupe. I've had a 93 LX since 2004 but always wanted a manual and then found out the SC was the only T-Bird from that time period with a manual transmission. So i then started looking for an SC. so up until right before i actually purchased my SC i didnt realize all of the performance upgrades this thing had compared to the other models

Strong engine (although from some of the posts i have read on this site i think there might be some leaks in the supercharger hoses), from what i can tell there are no head gasket problems but i know that these cars are known for head gaskets going so its something im checking on, tranny works...its nothing special but as long as you don't force it into gear its ok
sadly the car hasnt been taken well care of before i got it but i plan on changing that. someone changed the gear ratio, from what i have read on these forums i think its got a 3.55 but im not sure all i know for sure is i want one that is closer to stock, first gear is almost useless i have quit using it because it is to hard to get a smooth start.

If anyone on here is from Mid Michigan let me know i can use all the help i can get


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thanks for the welcome!
just got my first sc its a black 89 5 speed loaded with power every thing the only thing missing is the sun roof. i picked it up for under 500 bux however it needs some work, it has 122k the guy sold it cheap becuase of the high idle no battery and city was on him to get it out of his yard.

now its mine i only drove it a few times so far once for a test drive then some other runs around the block for trial runs after working on things. but i must say it puts a smile on my face every time, now that it idles good im even more happy!

i see why these become obsessions!


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Yes, thanks for the welcome. I got my '90 back in '92, kept it until I moved to Colorado October of '93. My mom took over the notes and drove it for years. Later my dad got it when he bought mom a minivan. He put perfomance parts on it that I just dreamed about when I had it, but I could barely keep up the notes and full coverage insurance.
My Mustang went under during hurricane Ike so dad gave the T-Bird back to me. The only problem was that we blew a head gasket on the way back from the airport so it's been parked since. I'm looking to have it rebuilt and was wondering who sells a master rebuild kit for the 232 SC. Any help is appreciated.


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Back in action!

Hello all! First post.

I got my 91 SC back in 1996 or so- in 1999 it was nearly destroyed by some scumbags stealing the aftermarket radio and speakers. (They tried to pry the trunk off the car using a spud bar and the rear quarter panels as leverage!) Anyway- as a younger fella without the money to fix my beloved SC I parked it for almost 10 years.

After some work and a lot of help I have the car back out and am enjoying every day with it. I became a member here for parts, know how and general camaraderie- its amazing to know there are others out there who love their SC as much as I.

Rednek Renegade

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Newb from cali

Proud new owner of a 90 Sc. Picked it up for only 900. I have had plenty of fast cars but this one is unique. Fun car and for the price i couldnt pass it up. :D


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Got Scratched & Infected

Hi from Toronto.
:) Wasn't planning purchase but thought breeding was excellent.
1990 XR7 White 5spd- Titanium Lth, Pop Up, Corner Lamps, Dimmer, JBL with CD, Keyless Entry, Power Seats, Split Rear Added Bonus- Cold Weather Package 70,000 miles (US Car) Just brought north

Boxing up factory power plant and putting in crate motor (V6 SC) this spring so I can play.

Pls be gentle in forums. Just passed first test. Which end of wratchet to hold.

Everybody have a great 2010.



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New SC owner Raleigh, NC

I have always loved the SC. I just got a 89 5 speed SC. It has been wrecked in the front but still runs good and the inside is great, The seats look like they have just been recoverd. My plan is to get a parts car (might get a N/A bird) and put it back together. Then hopfully enjoy!




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Just got one for free from my boss- its got over 200k on it (w/origional clutch!) got it running- now i need motor mounts, ball joints, sway links that ive found so far. Its a fun car to drive, I hope i dont get into too much trouble with it.


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Just got one for free from my boss- its got over 200k on it (w/origional clutch!) got it running- now i need motor mounts, ball joints, sway links that ive found so far. Its a fun car to drive, I hope i dont get into too much trouble with it.

For the front end parts, here's a listing of the parts from RockAuto, almost all Moog:

If you're doing the lower ball joints, do the strut rod bushings at the same time (they're a LOT easier to get to with the LCA out!). Front bushings - ONLY FORD. Repeat, ONLY FORD. Do NOT try after market - NONE of them last!

Luckily, if your ferrules are in good shape, the bushings are only about $40 plus tax from Ford.

You'll want:

E9SZ3B271A front bushing at frame
F7SZ3A225AA rear bushing at frame

I paid $41.92 including 9% tax for two each at the local dealership, but had to scavage ferrules out of the wrecking yard (mine were mushroomed and no good due to someone previously overtightening the nuts to keep the front end from clunking ... )

Check here, there's usually a current RockAuto discount code good for 5%, which can help offset shipping charges.

DO check against the local prices - sometimes, you can buy locally for more for the part, but less once you figure shipping (not often, however!)

For almost everything else but the strut-rod-to-frame bushings, Ford or Moog/TRW. The hubs with the bearings? National or Timken (since I can't find Ford except at the dealership, and the bearings are either National or Timken in them anyway ... )



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89 sc

I've been in love with these cars since my brother had a 94 with a few mods done to it. Unfortunatly he sold the car about 7 years ago. Lucky for me he bought a 90sc for 1200bucks last year and then found out the rear a arm link was almost rusted through and sold me the car for 400. My father in law had a 89 sittin in his yard with a bad motor and sold me that car for 500, did a motor swap and now just waitin on the mechanic to finish the fuel pump and trouble shoot an electrical problem. I can't wait to get it on the road and roast some 5.0L lol


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New owner of 93 SC !!!

Always wanted a SC so sold my nitrousd probe gt and bought a 93 SC white,black tweed interior that is too clean to be true,freshly rebuilt motor,auto thats lost overdrive,ometer stoped working at 158,000.New tires,tinted windows,new cd player,ac blows cooled!!!Gave the guy $1400 for her and loving it!!saving up for a better tranny but have done some simple small mods that have made a big difference in the power and am impressed!!


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Hello everyone, I am new to the site but I just bought a 1995 tbird SC. She only has 155k on her with all options and I paid 900 for her. New super charger,belts oil change done as well as mechanically well maintained. Now my only problem is is that I need new struts for her but they seem to be hard /impossible to find. Can anyone help guide me in the right direction in finding struts/parts for her? Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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just joined the club
i traded my lightly modded 92 sho tauras for my 90sc aod i was kinda tired of 5 speeds since i have only owned manual cars since i was 16 and i have had turbo cars nitous cars and wanted to check out the nice lazy low rpm world sicne im growing up a bit now and have kids lol
the car is extremly nice i got a smoking deal i got it from a guy who bought it blown up he replaced the engine with a new shortblock a set of stage 1 o ringed heads ( he knew they were prone to fail) a rebuilt trans with a mild convertor and a street shift kit. he put it all together for his sons first car his kid drove it 11 miles and took it back to dad and told him he didnt want it it was at his shop for 3 years inside under a cover. i got it with 54 miles on the trip meter witch he said he reset when he did all the work . he put a battery in it changed the oil and fuel filter and i drove it home without a single issue at all i absolutly love it so far cant wait to get rid of the stock exhaust and do a few mods to it ill post pics shortly

thanks Josh


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well im new to sccoa but ive had my super coupe for about 8 months x)
love the car
feels better than alot other cars ive driven before i love it its a 92 auto
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Well... I hit the technical forum first to figure out the apparently common abs issues, but now that I am on the new owner forum .... haha about a month ago my wife and I purchased my first Thunderbird and of course it had to be an SC... Its a 92 auto. Blue with Gray leather. my Mother and Father-in-law have a 35th anniversary 5 speed and My wife says it holds a lot of fond memories, so she let me get one haha ...... I have had plenty of fun with our Mustangs, but I must say I am hooked on these birds already haha. I would love to get out into the super coupe world and attend some of these shootouts that look to be awesome!