Congratulations to ALL new SC owners!


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Just picked up a 93 SC with the M5r2. As a new owner and currently with a 86 mustang as a toy. I do have to say this car is definitly no slouch, I didnt expect to have so much fun when I layed the pedal down. I origianally bought this for my mother as a gift, but on my drive home decided to keep it for myself!!!

I think its perfect timing also, I love to mod things and ive run out of things to do to my mustang. So now im really anxious to see how things turn out with the sc in the next few yrs. Ive also learned how rare these cars are (let alone in 5spd form) so im happy to say it also, now has a permanent spot in my garage. The 5.0 was getting old fast anyway....:D
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Thanks for the welcome... Arizona90

Just bought a 90 SC in white, with the 5 speed, and drove it home to Prescott Valley Arizona from California. Car has 76,000 miles, a clean interior and it seems that most of the electrical functions work. It sat for about a year so I was a bit anxious the first part of the 5 and half hour trip home. During the last hour of the trip it started to buck under boost. I've read a lot about the SC here and will be changing the wires and plugs and checking for vacuum leaks. Still, it made it home and that was gratifying. Now, I'm going to put my 78 BMW 633csi daily driver up for sale and concentrate on my Bird. I also noted the brake light and ABS lights light up momentarily under braking so I will be replacing the accumulator as well. My intention is to bring it up to normal specs and then over a period of time, turn up the pressure, so to speak. After reading some of the tech pages here, I belive that after giving it a good tune up, fluid changes, etc., that I will be revising the exhaust system first, followed by upgrading the handling next, then looking into engine enhancements. I usually keep my "project cars" from 5 to 10 years if they please me, and the coupe looks like it has a lot of potential in that area. Am also interested in meeting other Arizona SC owners as well.


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Just bought 90 anniversary 5 speed,

I bought the car to possible parting out. Now l'm thinkIng to get it up and running for a daily driver. I hope I didn't bite off more than I can handle


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There's a lot of smart and experienced people here in the SCCOA forums. This forum has kept my SC on the road for over four years now. If it's not a roach I say fix it instead of parting it.


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I bought this car off craig list, wasn't looking for any thing special, maybe a part for my early bird. The SC always rose my interest, Other than that, Wasn't looking for one. This car was sitting in the driveway for sometime. I believe it was from NH. I liked the black wheels, Gave it a quick once over, everything works, Starts right up, I was told Head gaskets and head bolts replaced, (didn't know that was a weak point) Didn't know what the emblems on door panels were. Bought it , got it home, reseach the car, buck tag etc. It seems they only made less than 800 anniver. 5 speeds. Later this summer, get on a lift ans evaluate the car.


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94 sc

You made a good move! Best of luck if you just bought an SC, or Cougar XR-7!! Great cars.....I absolutely LOVE my Super Coupe! I had a 1985 Turbo Coupe back in 1986, it was a great car, and it started my Thunderbird love affair! They can be money pits if you choose to "do all the mods" but the satisfaction I get from my 90 is well worth the occaisional headache! Good luck all!

Just bought a Teal SUPER CLEAN 1994 SC for the wife. Bad engine, auto. Engine at the machine shop waiting for Ross 8.5:1 forged pistons to arrive. Already have Scat 4.2 crank and 6.125 H beam Windsor rods. That's the easy part. Converting to 5 speed. (She wouldn't have it any other way) I have a Tremec 3650 that Halon Motorsports has figured out everything I need to make it work....Except the electrical part!!!! I do have a 94 5 speed ECU, clutch pedal installed. It has after market theft control that is a wiring nightmare! I have yet to find a wiring diagram that shows what goes where, what is needed and what is not. The transmission harness has a pig tail with a 8 prong plug that goes to..Engine compartment?....Don't know i didn't take it apart. The speed sensor wires, easy enough the 2 pin plug on the side of tranny check...but what is it for? , 6 pin plug to the neutral safety switch and what each pin are for. Once I get this sorted out it's all good lol. I'm sure someone has been there do that in the same situation as I find myself in. Thanks in advance for the help. Dave
Did I mention SHE wouldn't have it any other way?


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Get rid of the keyless entry / alarm. It's likely an old crap unit that sounds like it was wired by a 15 year old. Is the two pin wire on the left side of the tail of the trans? If so it's for the speedometer. As for the 8 pin connector it sounds like it would have gone to the original 4R70W that came with the car. Good luck - you are fortunate to have a wife that "wouldn't have it any other way". My wife calls the SC an "old man car".

^ This is worth every penny ^ (I am not the seller)
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UPDATED: Bucking See Last Post

nicely i didnt simply get my...

i've a 92 SC automobile with black leather-based..
with most effective 52000 miles on the odometer
twin borlas dumped
and a nine inch okay&n cone

now audio is diff...

i've a Pioneer DEH - P6400 had unit (the only that plays lil films)
i have 2 mtx 6000 collection subs in a bandpass box
and a DHD strength cruiser amp (800watts)
and all my mids were re-finished with Pioneers

outdoor i dont have a lot..

GTS headlight blackouts
a 96 SHO spoiler
and i have the THUNDERBIRD SC on the bumper crammed...just to make people ask questions...

i plan on doing a lot extra don't worry