Cracked Windshield and Drag Racing???

Kurt K

SCCoA Member
Well, looks like I still might be able to race in the Shootout. With the big help of Chris and David we got most of the engine assembled yesterday (my bearings arrived Saturday morning). I should have the engine dropped in tonight and maybe running.

Here's my question: Is it legal to race with a cracked windshield?
nick raced his black SC at MAR with a huge "S" shaped crack going from top to bottom of his windshield and I don't recall it being an issue.

Sounds great on the motor.

Line of vision

From what I can remember that is the only place that they get tackly... or if it is looking like a road map. Small cracks or ones that are bigger but don't take away the safty aspect are most offen overlooked at tech...Hope to see you there, and don't worry I am only coming with one RED car.... and no black ones.....Rich
It is normally at the discretion of the individual track. I would give them a call before you head out there if I were you.

Did you get your motor started yet?
Pull It

Just pull the windshield and run with a full face helmet. That's what I did with mine when I had a cracked windshield, tech didn't even bat an eye.