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Email Address: bleed_ford_blue@yahoo.com
User Name: Dan Smith
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Although it must look odd that I post a comment about Dan in the 'BadSeller' section AND the 'GoodSeller' as well, to be absolutely fair, I owe him that courtesy. I won a couple ebay items and paid instantly with PayPal. I am very impatient at times. After two weeks of no items, and a confusing reply from Dan, I complained to ebay. EBay sent Dan a note, and he immediately refunded my money. Dan appears to be his own worst enemy, but if you have the time and patience, he IS extremely HONEST! For that I commend him! Thanks again Dan, sorry things didn't work out.
Tom :eek: :)


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the problem is that I recently moved and it has thrown everything out of whack. I have so many people upset about stuff that I thought I shipped I dont think Ill ever sort it out. Thats what I get for moving


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Not a bad seller

I bought a car and parts from Dan and he does great business. You have to realize he is a full time student and has the ebay stuff and sccoa stuff. He has treated me and all of my SC buddies good. If I need a part, I know where to go. It also helps he lives in the same town as me.


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Dan is a great guy to deal with, i bought a crankshaft from him tonight, and he is a very honest person, i will definatly buy more stuff from him, great guy to deal with.