David Pitts


SCCoA Member
Name = David Pitts,
Location = New York
Email: anere6s@yahoo.com

This guy ordered a DIS harness, I shipped harness next day. Three days later I receive an email from paypal, about a transaction dispute.

David told paypal that my DIS was not as described. I email david and answered the paypal dispute within minutes of receiving the notification. My first question to David was why didn't he contact me first as I could have shipped another harness, etc... He never replied to my email or paypal until I mention that he could get a refund if he shipped the item back.

His original fault said one plug size was different - fine whatever...

I get the DIS harness today, and it's not the harness I sent him, coil plug end is taped together with electrical and duct tape. Worst patch job I've seen. I refunded his payment anyhow, as paypal will always take the side of the buyer and it isn't worth my time to fight this looser.

Seller beware, do not do business with David Pitts, as he will return his broken parts.

I have full transcripts of this dispute that I can post, if needed.