Doing head gaskets on the 94! It's been a while, so I have a few questions...


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Howdy all,

Some time ago, the head gaskets on the Teal 94 started leaking at 200k+ miles. It seems to be a very slow leak, so I just changed the oil and parked the car but it's now time to tackle this job. It's been more than 10 yrs since I've done headgaskets on a super coupe, so I wanted to confirm a few things with you all. As always, I've done my reading in the forum but would still appreciate your responses:

1- If I'm doing a straight head gasket replacement (meaning, no machine work on the heads or block), the standard Felpro head gaskets will suffice, correct? I recall some felpro multi-layer head gaskets used by the forum, but those required machined surfaces right? Other than thoroughly cleaning the mating surfaces of the heads and block, are any other prep steps recommended? No plans to add go-fast goodies to this car, but I'm still planning to use the Chevy ARP head stud kit instead of standard torque-to-yield bolts.

2- While the supercharger is out, I would like to replace the EGR transducer sensor on the back of the SC plenums. I looked up the Motorcraft part number, and I only found part number DPFE-2, which is plastic. It's much different than the original sensor, which is metal. Has anyone used this newer Motorcraft style of the sensor on the sc? Any issues with the operation, codes or problems physically mounting it in the stock location?

3- I'm keeping stock exhaust manifolds for now. I vaguely recall the use of the "Mustang" metal exhaust manifold gaskets, but were those only for when we use headers (i used them with kooks midlengths last time)? Are there any advantages of using the Mustang metal MS 95528 felpros on stock manifolds versus the ones that come with the full Felpro kit for sc's?

4- What are the recommended spark plug wires nowadays? Motorcraft wires are now unobtanium. My search for the Autolite equivalents has also yielded nothing. I read in the forums about Standard Motor Products 6664, which was adequate, but I only saw one recommendation, so I'm not to sure. I could always rely on the Live Wires from SCP, but I'd like to keep things more stock than anything...if possible. Live wires are much bigger but are tested and tried, so I may go that route if there are no other options.

Any help appreciated fellas!


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1) Yes the standard Fel-pro gaskets should be fine. I would at the very least check the heads with a machinists straight-edge to make sure they are straight, and have them resurfaced if needed. If you don’t have a machinist’s straight edge, a machine shop can check that for you, and that is well worth the small cost since if the heads are warped, it will blow the gasket again.
2) I haven’t used that particular EGR sensor, but I have used other plastic EGR sensors, specifically on my 97 4.6 bird, and it was fine at first, but after a couple jaunts up to 110+, the excessive heat melted the fittings where the hoses go on. I ended up getting a used stock metal one, and it has been fine since. So in short, I would avoid the plastic one.
3) Any 3.8 exhaust manifold gasket should work fine. It doesn’t hurt to put light coating of ultra-copper RTV on both sides of the gasket too.
4) I have the Taylor wires on my XR7, and they have been great, and held up extremely well. I just looked them up on Summit, and it still lists them, but shows a ship date of July, so I don’t know if they are actually in production anymore. I also just looked on Rockauto and saw a listing for a set of NGK wires for $25. I haven’t used those particular wires, but I have used plenty of NGK stuff, and never had issues with them, so for something staying mostly stock, I would probably get those.


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Thanks for the info, MadMikeyL.

The straight edge is on order. Regarding the EGR sensor....I also don't get a good feeling about the new plastic offering from Motorcraft. So, after doing a little bit of homework, I ordered Ford PN: F5RZ-9J460-A, which is an OEM metal sensor shared with other Fords of the era.

Still trying to decide which ignition wires to use. NGK's seem good, especially at that price. But they don't have the same connectors at the coil pack. Whereas the Standard Products and Live Wires do. Decisions, decisions.


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What Mikey said. I also saw the NGK wires but didn't like the coil pack end but now dont see them on rock auto now to see if maybe you can just put the stock ends on them.


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With regard to Ford/Motorcraft parts, I've been dealing with a guy in Olathe, KS for many years who seems to have any NOS part needed for my 1990 Tbird SC. Last year alone, he sent me a brand new NOS Motorcraft spark plug wire set, oil cooler seal/gasket, FoMoCo headlight, front signal and parking light assemblies, and a NOS driver's side door armrest; all in the original packaging. Never failed me but once when I needed a NOS radiator last year. His name is Gary Coukoulis at NOS Parts Source, 1 (913) 220-5746. Tell him Nick sent you.


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Thank you, Chris and Nick, for the info and suggestions!

I think I've ordered about 90% of what I'll need. Doing a straight HG repair with ARP studs, redoing all heater hoses in the back of the engine and oil cooler hoses (rad hoses are not too old and I replaced myself when I did the radiator), rebuilding the SC snout, replacing balancer with a BHJ and full tune up.