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Gotta tell ya, I was gonna buy a dash pad for Elvira from this guy and emailed back & forth with him and all that but when he dug the pad out he noticed a small defect and immediately let me know about it. He didn't want to mislead me in any way and I still appreciate that to this day.

Ya know what? I still ain't bought nuthin' from him but wouldn't hesitate at all to purchase his items in a heartbeat, he's that good of a standup-type of person in my opinion.

Highly recommended!


ps: he's in the process of movin', probably has some great deals if you're lookin' for parts.


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Don is a great guy and goes out of his way to help everyone. Responds quick to emails and is good to talk to. Check with Don for your SC used parts needs.


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I agree with the previous two posts. I needed to find a side skirt piece for the 94 SC - Don had just the piece that I needed, we agreed on a price and the piece was shipped a few days later.

I would do business with Don again.

-Andy "Melon"


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I have purchaced a few items form Don.
Has always delivered nice parts in a very timely matter.
He even refunded shipping costs on an item I bought from ebay and did not need to pay shipping. How's that for honesty!


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I've dealt with Don for over two years now. He is professional and reliable, and he has gone out of his way on more than a few occasions to help me out.
His parts are always reasonably priced, and shipping is always quick. Give him a try you can't go wrong.

Don keeps my bird flying.

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This is a great guy to buy from, if you need parts from he'll tell you anything and everything you ask him. The man does what he says he'll do. Great Job Don,
The A/C hose for our T- Bird was a perfect match.
thanks again Don --Jennifer & Mark



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I second, or third, or ONE HUNDRED(th) that....he's a stand up guy and will work with you!!! :D


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I AGREE!!!!!

Don is an excellent person to deal with. The parts he has are great as well. Will definitely get in touch with him if I need something else.


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Bought plenty from the esteemed Mr. Kerridge and he's always been very concerned that I end up with what I paid for. It's people like this who keep the SC community moving.


victor malvar

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Don Dkerridge

I have know Don for a few years, we have become good friends and refer people to each other when the other one does not have something in stock! We do it to help the buyer get what they might need not ourselves. Thanks Don. I love my Cup and coin holders! he is 100% Top notch.

All the Best to you!



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Very quick delivery . I was pleased with my pass. seat side trim. That would've been near impossible to find anywhere else. :)


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I bought a cupholder from Don and when I received it one of the plastic locking tabs on it was broken. He quickly and without question refunded my money the same day I informed him of this. He seems like a great guy and I would buy from him again. Thanks Don.