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User Name: thewood
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Donald J. Wood
191 Warren Ave
Vernon, CT 06066

Mr. Wood was looking for a stock valvebody for his 1990 SC. I had a stock unit that I had pulled from my 1993 SC, and agreed to sell it to Mr. Wood for $50, including shipping. Details can be found at this link:

Mr. Wood sent me a Paypal payment on April 2, 2004. I shipped the VB out in within a day or two. I then recieved an e-mail claiming that the VB that I had sent him was a "total piece of junk" I knew for a fact that it was in perfect working order. Admitting no wrong, I refunded him the full payment, including the shipping costs on April 10, 2004 via Paypal.

Since I knew the VB was fine, I wanted to inspect it for myself. I asked Mr. Wood to ship it back to me for inspection, and even offered to pay for the shipping. Mr. Wood agreed he would send it back, but never has!

So at this point I am out of a good working VB, and also my shipping costs. I have e-mailed him several times with no responses. I made every attempt to make things right with the buyer, and have been taken advantage of. Please, save yourself a lot of trouble and headaches, and don't deal with this user in anyway.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Thomas --


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Thomas isn't telling the complete story. The valve body that was sent was modified, damaged when modified, and would not accept a shift kit although the seller stated that it had never been modified. It was put right where it belongs, in the dumpster. Maybe he'll think twice before he tries selling junk to people again.

Thomas A

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If your so inocent, then why did you change user names and go back and edit all of your posts on this topic? :rolleyes:

I'll let everyone decide on thier own. Here is the thread on the subject:

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