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Don York
3102 69th Street
Apartment 126
Galveston TX 77551


I bought a set of rear lights from Don on 8/8/08. They were extremely poorly packaged and arrived damaged at my place. I asked Don to file the damage claim with USPS. He said he moved and didn’t have the paperwork. Later it was revealed that he lost the paperwork in the move.

I requested a refund and asked him to check with USPS about the issue. He allegedly asked them about filing a claim. He repeatedly told me that USPS told him to have me do all the work. Don NEVER provided me with any paperwork for the purchase. Don never paid for insurance on the package either.

When I went to USPS on 9/11/08 to file a claim on my end they immediately told me that the packing was horrible for a fragile item and that insurance was not on the item so no claim could be filed.

I repeatedly asked Don for a refund of my 78.00. I called him on 9/11/08 to explain the visit to USPS.

He has done little to nothing to resolve this issue. I sent him pictures of the damage, offered to send the item back, tried to file a claim, asked him to file a claim and then realized that with no insurance I have no option. It’s up to him to do the right thing and offer the refund for extremely poor packaging and not having insurance on the item to boot.

Todd Drefcinski
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Don York also sold me a bad engine, It was poorly packaged and the ear on the block was broken. He said it must have happened in shipping but the metal was showing an old break. Beware!