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Hello all !! Just joined up so it's time for stupid questions !! I just bought a 1990 S/C 5 speed with 47k on the clock. It has several issues , most of which appear to be fairly common...The first problem I am tackling is repairing the window regulators...( Neither side works) The door panels have me stumped...Can someone give me detailed instructions to remove them..I'm sure I am close ( I think I have removed all the screws ) but fear breaking something if I force the panel up or out...Any help is appreciated and if possible, pictures help !! When I get this done we will tackle other issues together....Thanks in advance !!!
So the door panel has a screw under the window and lock switch panel also mine has (not sure if it's stock) a screw in the bottom corner of the door panel through the carpet which is extremely difficult to see(or maybe I'm just old) also at the front of the door is a small semi-trianglaur trim piece with a screw after all those are off the panel lifts up (don't pry out) it has plastic hooks that seat into the inner door that can certainly get "stuck" over time what I would say to do is after all screws are out the use the palm of your hand to bump the panel upwards don't use an excessive amount of force just 4-5 medium taps and do that across the entire bottom of the panel always hitting upwards and you'll feel it give way... I'll look to see if I have any good pictures of when I had mine off that would be helpful for you
This panel was not on the door when I took the pick but the black circles are where the screws are


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Circles are screw the arrow is that triangular trim that blocks the panel from sliding up


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Also the window and door lock switch trim comes off by lifting the Front edge straight up once it comes up slide entire trim forward and there is a hook that holds the rear edge but if you lift rear edge first you break the hook
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Be careful with the door cups (plastic trim around interior door handle). They have 3 little tabs and you will most certainly break at least one of them trying to remove them. I think it may be possible to remove the door panel without removing the door cups, but sadly I chose to remove (and damage) my door cups when I replaced my window regulators.