Double Intercoolers, Raised Tops, Superchargers, and OEM Parts (ThunderRoad is racing a circle track in the sky)


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All my dad pasted way about 6 weeks. Since he spent most time racing and showing of his Super coupe Fleet he did not prepare for the next step of his life. This has left his wife of 44 years struggling. I am his son. My Mom his wife asked me to liquidate his spare parts.

I know he would be happy to help his fellow Ford SC friends. I have several parts as he modified Intercoolers to (Double Intercoolers) and Supercharger tops. As well as several spare parts in new and used condition. My goal is to pay of some of his debts and giving his widow some relief. Please remember that as my late father would would rather see these parts used than recycled.

I will list prices ALL WILLING BEST OFFER without shipping. And will quote ballpark costs based on your supplied Zipcode. Please DM me.

His cars were in various stages of repair as he lost the ability to work on them toward the end. They might be listed if the children and grand children do not want to continue his legacy.

Here is what I inventoried on First Pass:

2x Superchargers M90 Early Style $250 each
1x Supercharger M90 Late Style $400 each
4x OEM Gauge Clusters $40
4x Stock Supercharger Top $60 each
11x Stock Intercoolers $50 each
1x Fast Freddie 3/4 RasedTop $125 each
1x Magnum Powers RaisedTop $200 each
1x Under Sized Pulley (From a late Supercharger?) $125 each
1x Double Intercooler with fan $250 each
1x CAI with Shroud and 70mm MAF $150 each
1x CAI without Shroud and 70mm MAF $130 each
1x Ultra Rare Front Mount Intercooler Polished with Raised Top kit $500 Each
1x NEW BBK Edelbrock Throttle Body 70m $150
Various supercharger piping B/O
3x Automatic transmissions and torque converters (PICKUP ONLY 19030) $Name your Price
1x Long Block (PICKUP ONLY 19030) $Name your Price






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Thank you @ALRUI. Its been really difficult. If your parents are alive you should never take a minute with them for granted. I have some really amazing memories with my dad. I am sad i will not have anymore.


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ThunderRoad, your'e correct in your thoughts & I fully agree. My parents have both passed & I got my Super Coupe from my dad a couple years before his passing. While my dad had his issues I think about him often & having the car he loved so much reminds me of him when I see it in the garage.


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Also sorry for your loss. I’m interested in the cai setup and any other ideas to help run cooler/ help ac work ( I live in PHX) if you can pm me that would be great ( I don’t know how)


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Hi there;
Curious if you have an egr with the metal tube going to the exhaust manifold? Mine broke clean off.
Sorry for your loss too, its hard losing family