Engine swap. 3.8 NA out, 3.8 SC in.


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I have the opportunity to purchase a Super Coupe with front end damage. I would like to put that engine and tranny in my 91 Cougar. The Tbird is an auto. Is there much more to do other than swapping the engine, tranny, wiring and computer?



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What condition is the engine and transmission in? I dont think you would want to use your pumpkin on your 91, because its a smaller size and I think it has 3.08 gears instead of the 3.27 on the SC. I think you would need to swap engine harnesses. This definitely sounds like a challenging job I hope you got help.


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You'll need/I would take the following from a donor car if you're dead set on doing the swap.

Engine, trans, EEC with harness, SC radiator, and fan, driveshaft, rear end with halfshafts (if you've got a 7.5, it may not last too long. Only guessing, but you're there so why not?)