Factory Paint Codes for 35th wheels.

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I've tried searching the forums without much luck. I'm having my original 92 SC wheels refinished to replicate my 35th wheels so I can get tires that I can actually regularly drive on (my original 35th wheels still have the 30 year old original tires).

I know YC is the black, but looking for the titanium/silver code.


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Have you tried your local auto body stuff supplier? Most places that sell auto paint have a scanner that can colour match based on a sample. Might be worth a shot if you can't find the code.

Would a Marti report have that info?


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How did you decide you need silver for the wheel?

I'm having one wheel off my Anny re-painted as we speak. Some of the OE paint was flaking off, and it had been poorly touched up in the past.

I took that wheel, and a stock silver wheel, and let Jeff decide which one he thought which one would be less work. Upon close inspection, the stock wheel appeared to be painted silver out to, and including the lip. The Anny wheel, where the outer edge isn't black, appeared to not be painted at all. Looked lighter than the stock silver wheel...naked wheel w/clear was our guess. Rather than try to re-do the lip on the (darker) silver wheel match the 'naked' lip on the Anny wheel, Jeff elected to work with the Anny wheel where all he had to do was sand/refinish a couple spokes, and then shoot black, no need to touch the outer naked lip, except for some protective clear as needed. This will be the second wheel he's re-done for me.

We didn't discuss what it might take to strip any factory silver off the lip of the stock wheel, but I'm sure there's a chemical that would help, somewhere. Might be easier to strip an entire wheel...

About the Anny silver, I tried finding that code recently, and the best I could come up with was YF from various sources. Problem was finding it today using that code. I bought some touch-up in a small bottle, but it's a tad too dark, so I'm still looking.

See http://www.sccoa.com/forums/showthread.php?90693-Titanium-Paint-Code&highlight=paint+codes
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It's been a long time since I looked closely at one, but I thought the outer lip of the Anny wheel was just clearcoated as well (no silver paint).

Kurt K

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I suppose it is possible that the wheels on my 35th are not original (I am the 3rd owner), but they definitely appear to be silver on the lip....I've never been able to compare to another 35th.

I can definitively say that the Marti report doesn't list the paint code, and neither does the door tag. The paint place said the surface area is too small to get a good scan to determine the color.


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Honestly, I would just use a generic silver wheel paint. You are keeping the original wheels, and you are repainting all 4 wheels, so as long as it is somewhat close, it will be impossible to distinguish once they are installed on the car.

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I say it is not painted

I looked at my low mileage 35thg that is stock all the way and they look to be just clear coated not painted. Then I looked at some rims off of another 35th that I have had from 1992 and again I came up with the same answer. The second car I got in 1992 and there was nothing wrong with it nor did the wheels need attn. So with this being said I am going with the no paint, just clear coat.....Rich

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Thanks everybody. I'll likely go with the cheapest option at this point since they will be drivers.


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I had a set of wheels painted for an Anni years ago. They were not stock to the actual anni so I had to paint the lip. Paint code that I used was YF Light Titanium. The match was perfect.

P.S. What's the deal with the 'random question'? It prevents submission until answered correctly. Are we trying to weed out spammers?

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So, to summarize:

YC - black for the main color
YF - Light titanium for the lip.

Good info guys!

Keep in mind. More than one person has told me that their stock 35th wheels look to have clear coated bare aluminum lips.

I've been happy with the silver painted lip on my newly reconditioned wheels.