Few drives and old pics


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Hey guys hope you are all well and had a decent summer. Or as good as we all could anyway.
Was busy for us but I managed to get the SC out for a few really nice drives. Was going trough some old pics the other day and came across a bunch from 96ish and my first SC the 91 which was actually my first car. Bought it in 96 when I was 19. These pics are from 96-97. And first one is my SC and my dad's super clean 95 that he had for a while. Then min and HYPERSC at LMP. I remember being on cloud 9 after besting that 5.0 at the track also. And my current 90 SC in the same driveway this summer 24 years later.


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That's pretty awesome Bruce, I remember looking at that page back then. You had quit the collection going. Parts also.

Hope all is good man.


black V8

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Nice to see some posts on the site. Was away most of the Summer so put virtually no klicks on the Bird. Gonna put a 1 1/8 Addco rear sway bar on this wknd I've had sitting here for ages.
Cheers Fellas
Have a good turkey day.