Finally back!


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Well after a few years after selling my first car, 1990 SC auto, I'm back into the SC world! This time I picked up a 35th 5 speed(non moonroof) all thanks to my great buddy Ddubb!:cool: I've posted some pictures on the Facebook and will post some up on here when I figure it out off of my phone. It seems things have changed a bit around here but hope it hasn't change in regards to how helpful the people are on here.


The itch for another SC never left my side. I'm glad wit what I got though it's not anywhere near the condition as my previous SC, it does run way better! No more AOD woes for me either.

Congratulations !! Check out the So. Cal section here & on FB. Will be doing a meet here soon.
Thanks guys!

It wasn't really a find for me as it was offered to me by a great friend that I met thanks to this forum! I see everyone is still friendly and mature here. That's something very rare nowadays.