Finally Joined

Totally understand i have stock piles of parts that appear to most (and well myself at times) as junk.

I'd throw them on ebay if nothing else. Might not make much after they hose you with fees but could help someone else.

I throw nothing away at this point saddly...
Once donors dryed up around here, I decided against tossing anything casually. I also had to slow down selling spares, afraid I'd need certain things later.

I have a 10x12 shed filled with nothing but MN12 parts.
I ended up building a shed just for my SC parts/spares. Put them in numbered bins, then went thru the bins and logged items into a database, so I don't have to ferret thru them when I need something.

I'm going thru the same process with my 2000 Audi now. Back to not having enough space.
On my SC i just pull the easier header to remove the trans. Same on the Marauder. On the marauder I sharpied the disassembly sequence on the K member, ya know cause I'm getting old.
I havent found a way to pull the headers on this engine. They are Mustang LTs I modified to fit and a few bolts on each side are just unreachable in the car.

Trans leak has been fixed, sort of. Pan gasket, filter, and fill tube O ring have been replaced and trans is holding 6qrt of fluid no issues. But I did find the output shaft/driveshaft seal completely worn out, so thats next on the list.

My next drift event is on the 1st and 2nd, so back to the 90 SC for a bit. New Hydraulic hand brake has been installed but hasnt locked up the rear wheels yet, so I bought a few different Wilwood MCs of different sizes to give a try. 20220604_195208_HDR.jpg20220629_123811.jpg

Compilation of a couple of my drift runs. Good ones and bad ones. Car held up great, tore a set of strut rod bushings early on the first day, got them replaced with a set of Ultra Power K8659 bushings a friend had. Was able to get back out for a few runs before "last call" on the first day and was able to go the entire time next day.

Car stayed at 170-190° too so super happy.
Nice! My question is how many days can you get out of the tires?
To be honest I dont actually know yet. Ive been testing different tires to see how the car feels. First time I went I just burned off a set of 10y/o Michelins. This time I ran a newer set of 225/60 Michelins. They lasted both days and are still good. Im trying a set of Sumitomos next, then my 255/50 Rikens. I think the Rikens will be too sticky but I want to try to the thinner sidewall. Plus they need to get burned off by now anyway.
Lets talk engine swap ideas.
I have heard of a 2JZ swapped SC, so I made a render of my SC, but RB26 swapped.

Realistically the swap would be an RB20 or RB25 but with 26 parts, since those were already for RWD applications, and are easier to find anyway.

Any of you guys have "wacky" engine swap ideas?
In case you may ever want to keep the intake under he hood I have a sn95 cobra intake available. I also have an sn95 5.0 vortech kit as well :O)
A few professional shots from my last track day. Screenshot_20220723-210212~2.pngFB_IMG_1658138625541.jpgFB_IMG_1658167146365.jpgFB_IMG_1656907374976.jpg
Next one is tomorrow.

Swapped from 3.27s to 2.73s because I was running out of wheel speed on the straight that connects turn 1 and 2. Hoping it is ok, otherwise I need to get a set of 3.08s.
Also went an installed better pillar gauges that have their own wiring harnesses and grounds. 20220725_163507_HDR.jpg
Little by little lol.

An update on my gold 96 will come hopefully next week, waiting on a set of Mark 8 controll arm/knuckle bolts to finish my rear suspension.

Thought I had a set, but I didnt.