Finally Joined

Sorry for going MIA. Started a new job on Aug 8 and its nearly drained all of my time since.

I ended up going to 2 more events in 2022, neither of which I received good content to post. That last one though was the first time the car didnt break.
This year I re sealed the top end of the engine, changed injectors, and tweaked the tune on the car. Also switched out my intake spacer for a billet one, as my previous started to warp and crack. 20230204_095147_HDR.jpg20230204_104019_HDR.jpg
I also went and bought a truck, an 01 Ram 1500.

Rust free with a crack free dash, nonetheless.

And Ive also got my gold 96 in the home stretch. Engine and blower are working well, everything else still needs work. So will be messing with it more this year.

I did get a set of Cobra Rs for it though, going well with my late 90s theme on its build.