Finally stopped Procrastinating....

Defiant One

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Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matthew and I am truly one of the biggest procrastinators around and have been meaning to do this / join the club / site for quite some time. Although I am new to the site, I am far from new to the car we all Love and Hate (at times…lololol), the Thunderbird Super Coupe. Now I have been told that I can be long winded, but I will try to be brief so please allow me to share my story / journey.

In 1990, a close friend of mine, fellow Military member and car guy, brought a 1990 Thunderbird SC (Twilight Blue Met.), and introduced me to it, “ properly “ (wink, wink), and lets’ just say I was hooked from then!!!! Fast forward to 1996, when I purchased my first SC, 1994 Cayman Met. (Teal Blue ), Auto, Grey Cloth/Leather split Int, Fully loaded, Moonroof. Shortly thereafter, was spotted by a member of this site (Jason and Karen M ), and then was introduced to SCCOA and then that’s when the procrastination started and I just hovered forever. While doing so, met a lot of members (Randall B, Ken S. Luis G., Victor and Diane, Tim G. just to name a few) and gained so much knowledge and increasing passion for the car, that took me to dang near brink of insanity (LOLOL). J J. Fast forward to 2005, as a graduation gift to self, brought a 1993 SC Blk/Blk, Auto, Fully Loaded, Moonroof. 2006, brought a 35th Anniv. Auto, Fully Loaded Moonroof, time of purchase..17K Miles (Garage queen) !!!! Had the 35th Anny, couldn’t enjoy it, found and brought another one, another 35th Anniv. Auto, Fully loaded, Moonroof, time of purchase…34K Miles. If you happened to notice a theme here, alllll the SC’s have been Auto’s and yeahhhh, I did too and was on the hunt to get a 5Sp. That happened in 2006, found / brought a 1992 SC, Wht/Blk, 5 Sp, Fully Loaded, Moonroof, with a CMRE Stage One!!!! And lastly, the latest and last purchase…..( whatttt…who am I kidding…there’s still oneeeeee more SC out there that I want to / wish to get me hands on…LOLOL), any who…the latest purchase was a…….. ahhhh,…. you’ll have to come see me / “IT “ at Carlisle in June. J J

Of course there’s a lot of stuff I left out in between and would love to share the stories from my inception of the SC to present day. Looking forward to still many more years of getting to know more members, doing stuff / anything Super Coupe related and of course kicking and screaming when something breaks down and have to go on the man hunt for the part(s)… (or just call Bill E.) J J

See you all in / at Carlisle!!!!